About Us


Serve up a healthier lifestyle throughout Los Angeles and the World.


"We Live 2 Give"

Owner Richie Pacheco has had the opportunity to travel the world and sees a need to bring awareness of living a healthier lifestyle.  Our mission is to open multiple locations throughout the United States and the  World. Monthly, Something Healthy Cafe gives back by donating proceeds to non profit organizations and also does many outreaches from the Monrovia location.

Our Food

 When you think fast food, you may think unhealthy.  Something Healthy Cafe breaks the norm of fast food dining by designing a healthier menu  without sacrificing on taste, making  healthy fast food possible and convenient for time-crunched individuals  to stay healthy and satisfied!  We have great Vegan and Vegetarian Options!

Our Unique Location


The Monrovia Airport was located between Shamrock Avenue (west) and  Mountain Avenue (east), and Huntington Drive (north) and the 210 Freeway  (south).  This former general aviation airport was originally known as  the "Foothill Flying Field".  It was described as having a single,  2,700-foot unpaved northeast/southwest runway.  In 1953, the airport was  closed for unknown reasons.

In 1937, Patrick McDonald opened the  Airdrome restaurant near the Monrovia Airport. Hamburgers were 10  cents, and all-you-can-drink orange juice was five cents. In 1940, the  entire, original octagonal building was moved to San Bernardino, where  it was renamed "McDonald's" (after Patrick and his two sons, Maurice and  Richard).  It wasn't until 1953 that they began franchising the  restaurant, in1961 they were bought out by Ray Kroc.